Woolen Kilim “Laodikeia”

Beautiful woolen kilim with a simple geometric pattern. This decoration is not a classic Anatolian pattern, but with its subtle natural colours and archetypal rendering, it seems to refer to the Bulgarian “Bakamski” pattern or perhaps even much older ancient textiles. It is a kilim of the Anatolian type, i.e. it was woven in Turkey in the Anatolia region, more specifically near the former Greek city of Laodikeia. If we compare the Anatolian woolen kilims with the Balkan ones, the main difference lies in the fact that slightly thicker yarns are used to weave the Anatolian ones, which makes them faster to weave and therefore almost half the price of the Balkan kilims. The Anatolian weavers also use only woolen yarn, even for warping, where the Bulgarian ones use cotton. Anatolian kilims, and therefore this one, are woven exclusively from yarns that have been dyed with natural dyes.

  • Width:150 cm
  • Length:200 cm
  • Material:100% wool
  • Grammage:1 020 g/m2
  • Color:multicolor, white, brick orange, brown, blue, black, yellow
  • Price per m²:264 €/m2
  • Type:double-sided carpet
  • Manufactory:handmade
  • Naturally dyed Naturally dyed
  • Traditional hand woven product Traditional hand woven product