Woolen Kilim “Black and white geometry”

A beautiful pattern in a completely natural design, i.e. dyed only with natural dyes, although it may not look like it at first glance, right? It is an Anatolian kilim, i.e. from the Asian part of Turkey. All Anatolian kilims in our range, including this one, are woven on a wool, not cotton warp. It is not woven with as fine a yarn as our Balkan kilims and is therefore slightly less time consuming to weave. This is also why its price per square metre is lower than our Balkan kilims. In this case it is an abstract modern pattern.

  • Width:150 cm
  • Length:220 cm
  • Material:100% wool
  • Grammage:1 020 g/m2
  • Price per m²:264 €/m2
  • Type:double-sided carpet
  • Manufactory:handmade
  • Naturally dyed Naturally dyed
  • Traditional hand woven product Traditional hand woven product
Original price was: €828.90.Current price is: €781.90.