Thick Wool Blanket Rainbow VIII – white with thin black stripes

This blanket is regularly striped along the whole length as you can see it in the picture. There are thin black stripes on a white background. It is another of the classical Indian blankets.

With the Rainbow blankets, it's necessary to take into account that the size of the blanket is indicative and the actual size can differ from the stated one by 3%. This is given by the manufacturing method where the last technological step of the process is a water bath during which the blankets are shrunk to the required size. Wool's behaviour in the water bath is not 100% predictable and so it can result in the mentioned difference.

  • Softness:classic ?
  • Width:160 cm
  • Length:220 cm
  • Weight:2,6 kg
  • Material:90% wool (weft), 10% cotton (warp)
  • Grammage:740 g/m2
  • Color:white, black
  • Brand:Balkanova
  • Type:indoor, outdoor
  • Partial handmade Partial handmade
  • Rhodopian wool Rhodopian wool
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