Laundry detergent Lanolin

It is a laundry detergent for products made of wool and merino wool. Good quality foaming detergent is used for washing woolen products. It contains lanolin so the blanket, the carpet or the runner rug do not lose its typical characteristic of wool even when washed often. It is suitable for hand wash but also washing machine wash. In that case use only ½ of recommended amount. We have tested that product so we can really recommend it not only for washing our products, that is to say carpets, kilims, halishte, blankets, covers, scarfs or socks but also for washing for example woollen sweaters or other clothes made of woolen yarn.

  • Volume: 1000 ml
  • Brand: Biomio
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    Rychlý, bezproblémový obchod. Kvalitní zboží.

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