Merino Wool Blanket Rodopa – King Size

TThis blanket is made of the finest Merino sheep wool. Merino is an old European breed of sheep, which today breed mainly in Australia and New Zealand. From there, raw wool is imported to Bulgaria, where it weaves these very fine blankets, as a complement and alternative to the same woven and slightly coarse blankets from the local Rhodopean wool. Rodopa-Merino blanket is produced in the same way as Rodopa II. Individual dice on the blanket are slightly plastic raised, which forms a very interesting combination with its natural white colour. Regarding its size, this blanket can be used as a bed cover.

  • Softness:very soft ?
  • Width:200 cm
  • Length:220 cm
  • Weight:2,98 kg
  • Material:100% merino wool
  • Grammage:678 g/m2
  • Color:white
  • Brand:Balkanova
  • Merino wool Merino wool
  • Natural undyed wool Natural undyed wool
  • Partial handmade Partial handmade
6 reviews
  1. Jiri (verified owner)

    Krásná, těžší než jsem čekal. Příjemná na dotek.

  2. Karolina Csibova (verified owner)

    Bytelná, hřejivá – využívám na dvojlůžko, poctivá práce

  3. Iva Dufkova (verified owner)

  4. Josip J. (verified owner)

    Incredible quality and style! Great blanket

  5. lenka (verified owner)

    maximální spokojenost

  6. Erik Forgac (verified owner)