Wool Blanket Rodopa V

The Rodopa blanket, a genuine Bulgarian blanket, is used for various purposes by locals throughout the Rhodopa Mountains. The wool comes solely from local sheepherders. Our producer travels to the furthest parts of the mountains and buys products directly from local sheepherders. After sheering, the wool is cleaned without chemicals, and no sulphuric acid is used for scouring the wool from the debris of pasture weeds. Thanks to this natural processing, you may notice that the blanket is a bit coarse. The Rodopa wool blanket is thick, warm and very durable. The colour combination of red and black checked pattern with green, yellow and orange stripes is one of the most typical. We are convinced of the Rodopa blanket quality that is why we offer you a 20-year guarantee.

  • Softness: rustic ?
  • Width: 150 cm
  • Length: 210 cm
  • Weight: 2,2 kg
  • Material: 100% wool
  • Grammage: 770 g/m2
  • Brand: Balkanova
  • Partial handmade Partial handmade
  • Rhodopian wool Rhodopian wool
10 reviews
  1. Nicoletta Tchou (verified owner)

    Nice blanket with bright colors. We bought the same model in Prague some years ago, the natural stiffness of pure wool changes into
    softness and the blanket stays very nice. Now we have two nice and warm blankets.

  2. Jana Bursa Mrazova (verified owner)

  3. Hana S. (verified owner)

    Sice je těžší, ale teplá, pěkná.

  4. Jozef Kucera (verified owner)

    super odporučam

  5. Vera Benesova Stavosan (verified owner)

  6. Jiri Hatas (verified owner)

    Úžasná deka. Dlouho jsem spal pod peřinou, ale nyní dávám přednost vlněné dece, nepřehřívám se v noci a lépe mi drží stálou teplotu. Upřímně doporučuji. Navíc je moc hezky a kvalitně zpracovaná.

  7. Lada (verified owner)

    Krásná “poctivá” deka, maximální spokojenost.

  8. mr (verified owner)

    next I was born, in 1973 such a bedcover, made in the same factory, was given to me while staying in bulgaria. I kept it my lifelong. Despite moving around often with it, often outdoor, festivals, camping, etc, it did remain in very good condition until recently, it is the most longlasting wool bedcover I ever had. it lasted 45+ years!
    It seems to me with those years of experience that the becover likes being outdoor now and then in fact. It seems wool, as hairs, doesn’t like being too dry, it would become brittle or turn into dust. With being outside in the spring or autumn, in a meadow or a garden with a few humidity, then it becomes softer, better robust, it’s almost improving.
    thanks balkanova I now have another one. Since I now know it matter 2 or 3 for one life : )

  9. Jitka S. (verified owner)

    Nádherná deka! Teplá, silná, hebká, poctivá. Barvy odpovídají.

  10. Simona Langerova (verified owner)